Sell Your Story



Each and everyone of us has own story to tell. Some stories are more important than others, but it still doesn’t take away the validity of what you are doing. If you are someone who is looking to put your story and brand out to the world, you really have to know what you want to say.

The best thing I can tell you is write it all down, even the bad parts. Go online and speak with some PR firms about your brand. You might have to go through a lot of people saying no, before you get to that one person saying yes.

Everyone goes through this. It’s all part of the process, something you need to ride out. Once you find someone good, talk to them. Tell them your story. After you do this, one of two things will happen. Either the person will be interested or they won’t be.

How will I know if I have found the right PR firm?

They will allow you the room to tell your story. They will just iron out the rough patches and figure out the best way to sell it. It’s your story. Tell your story. Never give someone else the chance. If you do, it might come out wrong. You could end up damaging your own brand before you start.

Remember, everyone has their own angle.

A good PR firm will know how to paint you in a good light, even if you have some shady passages. The right PR firm will know how to put a good spin on it. You are always selling a part of yourself. In a sense, you are a product. The idea is to have a good balance on all levels. Too much or too little exposure can end up killing your brand and story. It’s up to your PR firm to keep your story alive, for as long as you want it to be told.

Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself. Don’t be afraid to shed the old skin and take on a new persona. It’s healthy. It’s good. It’s your story. It’s time for you to find a good PR firm that can help you sell it.