PR and Marketing Together



Not many people know this, but public relations and marketing do go hand-in-hand. Combining these two ideas work out well for those of you on a fixed-income or budget for your business.

Let’s be real here. There aren’t many brands or companies out there that have the extra cash to spend. Unless you are already a million dollar company, most of us fall into the same boat. This means most of us don’t really have the capital to put out for some brilliant new idea.

Most of us just put it out, hoping that it will catch on somehow. This is exactly where marketing and public relations come into play. If you really want your name to sell, you need to market yourself wisely. The roads are paved with those who tried to market themselves wisely, and they ended up dropping like flies. They might not have had the right public relations firm. The product might not have been good enough. It’s hard to say really. Either way, the brand is not there now.

I am here to keep this from happening from you guys. Once you understand how the marriage between marketing and public relations work, you will have a better understanding on how to keep your eye on the big prize.

    1)First and foremost, you need to show people you exist. If people don’t know you exist, how can they take the time to see if your worth investing in? One can’t work without the other.

    This is where this marriage come into play. A good public relations firm will make sure your name is out there. This firm will make sure your name is associated with something good and positive, not something bad.

    A simple public relations strategy will keep you visible in the online rankings. This strategy will keep you fixed in the public’s eyes. Without this constant fixture, you will be as good as gone. Like I said, this is where a good public relations firm will come in handy.

    2)The more press coverage your brand gets, the more credibility you will get in return. This means more people will want to take chance on you, instead of just looking the other way.

The more credibility you have, the more people will trust you. The less the public will consider you just another “flash in the pan.”The idea is not to be a “flash in the pan.” The idea is to keep going. The idea is to draw in new customers. The idea is to make new sales each and everyday, while still maintaining your core strategies and products. A good public relations can help you out with this goal.

    3)Another thing you should be concerned about with is some sort of investor. Now when it comes to hiring a PR firm, it’s better to go with someone who already knows about you. Most PR firms sign on because they believe in you and your dreams. It just makes sense.

    The PR firm or investor doesn’t have to be doing business with you already, they just have to be aware of you. If you don’t already have an investor, than you will have to do lots of convincing. In some cases, you will have to sing for your supper. If both the investor and public relations guy is already a fan, than half your battle is already won.

    4)Are you looking to hire some new people for your brand and company? This works out well for you too. A good PR firm will help you attract new workers to your company. They can help build you up as an industry leader, even if you have only been doing it for a few years. The idea is to make people believe you have years and years of experience behind you, even if it’s not entirely true.

Allow me to explain.

Some industry leaders take years and years to build up their expertise, knowledge and experience. Some take over 20 years to do so. A PR firm can help you cut these years in half. A PR firm will help you fast-track your way to the top. You will still have a lot to learn, but a lot of years will be wiped away with a PR firm’s involvement.

This will bode well for those who are working for you. If you prove to them that you are one of the best out there, it will encourage these employees to find out more. I only suggest doing this if you have the money to afford it.

This might be a bit more difficult for those of you on a shoestring budget. However, if you can afford to hire some new people talk to your PR person about it. Ask them which is the best way to entice new employees, as well as customers.