Less Helpful PR



It is true that a PR firm can really help take your company to the next level. However, there are a few instances where hiring a PR firm or person might not be the best route to take. Usually, these types of instances involves small businesses. I am not saying to abandon the idea completely. What I am saying though, is that maybe you should wait until your situation matches up with one of the 3 examples below.

    1)When you own your own small real estate company, instead of “renting” out someone else’s files. Let me explain. You are hiring a PR firm to make contacts and connections for you, essentially. As you retainer goes up, your attachment to these files will become less and less. If one of you contacts is not on media placement somehow, you have essentially lost this person or company.

    It takes time to build relationships. Even a rejections can get turned into something positive. If you do your own PR work, you will have contact with everybody. You can even leverage some of those connections to help you out sometime. It’s a business, it’s nothing personal.

    If you are holding onto someone else’s names, you will lose them when you go out on your own. This means you will build from scratch. You might not even get the same people you once had. It’s best to do your own thing, having your own list of people.

    2)Unless you have the chance to take advantage of “hidden opportunities” and create a “new angle” for yourself, I would not hire a PR firm. Some of you might already have your own core company. Unless you have the chance to “tell a different story” and take it nationally, I say stick with what you already have.

    3)Sometimes you have to live through another story. Let me explain. When something doesn’t pick up, it’s easy to blame the PR person. It’s easy to say they were lazy and not doing their job. What if that wasn’t this case.

    What if your “story” isn’t exactly hitting strides with people? Sometimes you have to reinvent yourself and the wheel. This goes for many small businesses. Sometimes you have to put away your old story and tell a new tale. A PR firm can help you with this, but only if you are willing to shelve the old ways.

Some small companies are not willing to do this. This is why I say a PR firm will not work out for you. If you are not willing to shed the old skin and wear new clothes, than how can a PR firm take your brand to the next level? How can the PR firm tell your new story, when you are still holding onto the old one?